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Pool Supply Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Affiliate Program?
An affiliate program is a relationship between a merchant and an affiliate, tracked and managed by third parties. When a customer visits a merchant through a special link on the affiliate site and purchases, the affiliate receives a commission on the purchase. Affiliates can bring traffic and sales to POOLCENTER.com from their blog, website or webpage.

Some affiliates list our banner ads or text links on their sites, sometimes within useful content for their readers. Other affiliates will list approved coupons or specials to drive traffic to POOLCENTER.com. And still others will list our products directly on their website, and when their visitor clicks to buy, ordering and fulfillment is handled by POOLCENTER.com.

How do I get started being an Affiliate for POOLCENTER.com?
Simple! Just create an account with the Shareasale Affiliate Network, and list our links on your website or webpage or blog. You can also distribute these links without having a website or webpage, through Facebook or Twitter, for example. Some of our affiliates distribute the tracking links in other print media.

How is the traffic and sales tracked. How do I get paid?
This is the advantage of working with a network. Your clicks and sales will be tracked by a third party, the Shareasale network. Commissions are paid by check every 30 days, through the network, automatically.

What are the details of the POOLCENTER.com affiliate program?
We pay 7% commission to affiliates for each sale. A tiered incentive program allows you to earn 8%, 9% or 10% commission, in the form of a bonus, based on the previous months sales. We have a 60 day cookie life, meaning that if your original referral to POOLCENTER.com returns to buy from us within 60 days, you are still credited for the sale and paid the commission.

Do I need a website to be an Affiliate for POOLCENTER.com?
Not at all. Many of our affiliates are driving traffic and sales to POOLCENTER.com by distributing links through more traditional print media, even as basic as a link on a business card.

What countries will POOLCENTER.com ship to?
In addition to North America, we ship to Europe, Australia and South America, including the Caribbean.  We do not currently serve the continents of Asia or Africa. Please note that warranties are void for most items shipped outside of the United States. Voltages on electrical products are 110V, 50hz (US standard voltage).

Do you accept Affiliates Outside of the U.S.?
Yes, any country serviced by Shareasale.

Do you offer coupons?
Yes, POOLCENTER.com creates specific coupons for affiliates through our networks. Affiliates may not use other coupons used to track other marketing efforts, in other channels. Use only the coupons offered through Shareasale. A violation of this term is grounds for commission reversal and removal from our program. Log-in to your affiliate account to locate our coupons. Please contact us if you desire exclusive offers or coupons.

What is Commission Reversal?
Poolcenter will reverse commissions for fraudulent orders and autoscripted orders. If an order from an affiliate sale is returned to us for credit, or is undeliverable, the commission will be reversed. We may make test orders from an affiliate web site, and these also will be voided and / or commissions will be reversed.

Can I use the name POOLCENTER in my URL or in the name of my website or webpage?
No. A domain such as "poolcenterpoolsupplies.com" is not allowed. This is considered trademark infringement and is grounds for voiding of all commissions and removal from our affiliate program.

Can I change or personalize the images provided by POOLCENTER.com?
No. You may not change affiliate images. If you need custom creatives, please make a request. We are happy to do so.

Where can I view current Creatives or Banners and Buttons?
We have a creatives page on our website. More links and banners can be found logging into your Shareasale account.

How can I promote sales to POOLCENTER.com?
You must use fair and ethical business practices to promote POOLCENTER.com. You may not send email in violation of Can-Spam , advertise misleading information, or put POOLCENTER.com links into any software.

Is Keyword or Trademark PPC or CSE bidding allowed?
Affiliates may bid on all keywords, but may not infringe on our brand terms of poolcenter, pool center, poolcenter.com, or other variant. Other service marks or taglines used by POOLCENTER.com are also restricted from use in your text or image advertisements or links.

Do you allow loyalty affiliates?
We do not allow loyalty programs, aka, cash back, rewards, inventive or mileage programs to participate at this time. We also do not allow any software promotion, or the use of any downloaded adware, spyware or toolbar tracking technologies.




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