Use our comparison page to compare all of our filters for above ground swimming pools by manufacturer, type, price or even warranty! Aboveground filters should not be used with inground pool pumps, without first checking the pump flow chart against the filter design rate of flow. For aboveground filter systems (pump and filter, on a skid), see our A/G Filter Systems page. Choose the size that best matches your pool size in gallons, larger pools should use larger filters.

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Showing 1-20 of 28

Above ground pools are a lot easier to maintain as compared to in ground pools but still require proper maintenance and filtration so they can be clean and contamination free. Pool filters are a very important part of swimming pool maintenance and work in collaboration with your pump to keep water clean and safe. Pool filters are vital to your swimming pool’s circulation system and help keep water clean and clear so you can enjoy a safe and relaxing swim every time.

Pool Center carries pool filters for above ground pools in a large variety from top manufacturers like Hayward and Pentair.Our above ground pool filters are efficient, resistant to harsh weather, and feature corrosion-free tanks for years of dependable use. Check out our selection of above ground pool filters, and pick the size and model that best meets the needs of your pool.

If you need more information about the different types of swimming pool filters visit our Pool Janitor's Pool Filter Page. There you can learn more about how each type of pool filter works and choose the filter that is best for you!