Above-Ground Filters

Keep your pool clean, clear and free from debris with an above-ground pool filter from Poolcenter.com. Spend more time relaxing in the water and less time worrying about tedious upkeep with a filter that can cleanse and purify water in pools of any capacity. Above-ground filters must be matched with above-ground pool pumps. Be sure to choose a filter size that best matches your pool size in gallons, as larger pools require larger filtration systems.

Shop pool filters for above-ground swimming pools

While above-ground pools tend to be easier to maintain than their in-ground counterparts, they still require proper maintenance and filtration to keep the water clean and contamination free. Above-ground filters work by collaborating with your pool pump to purify water in a cleansing cycle before sending clean water back into the pool via special pool eyeball fittings. Water that exits the filtration system and is pumped back into the pool stimulates motion, which in turn prohibits harmful bacteria growth and makes for healthy swimming.

As you’re shopping around for the right pool filter, opt for high efficiency and low maintenance. Whether you choose a DE, sand, or cartridge filter, make sure you select a filter with an exterior that can hold up in severe weather conditions, as the filter is set up as a permanent outdoor fixture beside your pool. Some filters can trap particles as small as 30 microns, and filter areas with a large dirt capacity makes for less maintenance because you won’t have to backwash or clean the elements as often.

Even with routine maintenance, you’ll occasionally have to change the filter sand or filter cartridge. If your pool is cloudy or tinted green from algae growth and your filter seems to be taking a long time to clear up the water, it’s possible that your filter was either undersized for the volume of water in your pool or that the sand or cartridge need replacing. When you’re purchasing a new pool filter or replacing an existing one, be sure to also browse filter accessories to ensure you have everything you need to keep the water clean and healthy.