Aqua Golf Games

Golf and ping pong are favorite games to many and now you can play these top games in your own pool or pool area, and have twice as much fun. Pool Center carries Water Golf Games and Ping Pong tables for the pool to make your time in the water more fun and challenging.

Swimming in your own pool is luxurious and relaxing but sometimes can become monotonous and you will want variety. Enhance your pool time by making some challenging and entertaining games a part of your pool time, and multiply the fun.

Pool Centre offers pool games that are not only all-time favorites, but are also challenging and will add a nice variety to the time you will spend in your pool. Both amateur and professional golf lovers will definitely enjoy our pool golf games that combine the challenge of a regular golf game with the entertainment offered by a swimming pool. Our floating pool golf games look incredibly real, and come complete with all the accessories like the deck mat, golf balls, flag, and pole. Similarly, our aqua ping pong is an action-packed game that offers just the right amount of challenge and variety that you would like in your pool and comes complete with floating paddles, net with support and regulation balls. Visit our Pool Store and pick golf or ping pong set, or take home both the games for the kind of that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.