Chemical Testing Kits

Unlike cheap imitations, pool chemicals from will not stain your pool, cause clouding water, or foaming. pool products are always cost effective and available seven days a week. If you don't know the volume of your pool, you can simply use our new Swimming Pool Volume Calculator to make shopping for your chemicals easier than ever!

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2 Way Liquid Solution Test Kit or 4 Way Liquid Pool Test from Pool Master
Chlorine Test Strips, Bromine Test Strips, pH Test Strips, AquaChek Pool Water Testing Strips
ColorQ Pool Chlorine Test, ColorQ pH Test, ColorQ Total Alkalinity or Salt Test and Other Meters
Scuba+ Electronic Pool Water Tester, Electronic pH Tester, Electronic Free Chlorine Water Tester
Rainbow Replacement Reagents, Poolmaster Reagents and Generic Replacement Test Kit Reagents
Replacement Taylor Reagents, Such As the DPD Reagent, Taylor pH Indicator and Acid Demand
Taylor Test Kit Replacements, Like the DPD Comparator, Taylor Comparator Cap or Test Kit Spoon
Watersafe Bacteria Test Strips, Bacteria Test Strips for Pool and Spas
Digital Pool Test Strip Reader from AquaChek
PC Pool Pal Guides
Commercial Grade Sensor Technology Measures Your Pool Or Spa Water Quicker And More Accurately

POOLCENTER's premium swimming pool chlorine sticks and tablets feature U. V. protection and quality binders that keeps our chlorine tablets together, while others crumble. It's the best discount pool chemicals you can buy!

Compare our pool chlorine, algaecides and specialty pool chemicals to brands like Pace, Sun and BioGuard. Many pool chemicals can only be shipped inside of the 48 states. No Alaska / Hawaii shipments.