Swimming Pool Chlorinator O-Ring Repair Kits

Contains the o-rings and gaskets needed to service and repair pool chlorinators

What's A GO-KIT for Chlorinators?

Blister pack containing pool pump parts, swimming pool valve parts, swimming pool filter parts, and swimming pool chlorinator parts. A convenient way to have ALL of the replaceable parts for one pump, filter, chlorinator, or valve, in one place. We carry these on our pool service trucks. Contains such parts as: Seals, O-rings, Gaskets, Bushings, Clips, etc. Multiport valve "spider gasket" kit #10 shown on the left

Chlorinator O-ring Kit                                                Chemical Feeder O-ring Kit

 Contains:                                                                           Contains:

1-O-231V Hayward Viton O-ring                                               1-O-12V Hayward Viton O-Ring
1-O-416VKIT Hayward Viton O-Ring Kit                                    1-O-27V Hayward Viton O-Ring
1-G-217 Hayward Gasket


    Mfr. No. Item. No. Description Price Qty:  
    GO-KIT-55 ZAPC0022
    Go-Kit-55 Hayward CL200 / CL220 Chlorinator Kit Gokit55 Is A Gasket and Oring Kit For Hayward Inground Automatic Chlorine Feeder, Models CL200 and CL220. Includes Viton Lid Oring, and 4 Other Small Orings, Plus A Small Tube of Lube.

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    GO-KIT56 ZAPC5133
    GO-Kit56 Hayward C250F, C500F, 110CF, 1800CF Chemical Feeder Go-Kit contains all gaskets and O-rings for Hayward Large Chlorinators. Does Not Fit Hayward CL100/CL200 chlorinators, see pn Go-Kit55. More Hayward Chlorinator Go-Kits and parts can be found in our parts department.

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