Chlorine Generators

Salt chlorine generators use a salt cell to create chlorine from NaOCl and H2O. The salt cell uses electrolysis to convert the salty water into chlorine. Saltwater pools are still chlorine pools, but are able to create their own 'locally sourced and organic' organic, made right on site! Here we have salt chlorinators for inground pools and aboveground pools and spas. Just add salt! Add about 300 lbs of pool salt per 10000 gallons of pool water; plumb in the salt cell, and plug in the controller and say goodbye to chlorine tablets!

Swimming pools are a sign of style and luxury, and provide entertainment for your family and friends. However pool maintenance can be a time consuming and cumbersome task which involves use of harsh chemicals like chlorine to sanitize the water and keep it clean and healthy. Though chlorine is a very effective sanitizer, it is accompanied by a harsh odor and causes side effects like red, itchy skin, watery eyes, green hair, and bleached swimsuits. Most swimmers and pool owners find chlorine to be an unpleasant sanitizer and look for alternate ways to purify their pool water.

Nowadays there are several options available to sanitize the swimming pool without having to use chlorine. These alternate or green options make use of natural enzymes or minerals in order to sanitize pool water and keep it clean and healthy. The alternate purification methods work by breaking down organic compounds that are present in your pool and removing them through your pool’s filtration system. Most of these sanitizing systems make use of ordinary salt and convert it into chlorine for a natural, effective and inexpensive way to maintain bacteria-free pool water. These chemicals are eco-friendly, have no harsh odors, and are compatible with all pool surfaces. The alternate purification methods also help eliminate algae and bacteria and prevent pool stains.

If you are ready to make the change and want to switch from the harsh, foul smelling chlorine to safer, environmentally friendly sanitizers, take a walk through out pool store where you will find everything you need for a sparkling clean, soft, silky water. We carry Ozone Generators, Chlorine free pool chemical systems, Ionizers, and Mineral Purifiers to help you create a perfect swimming environment and a clean, relaxing pool.