Concrete Pool Deck Sealants

Use our top quality sealants for concrete pool decks by EZ Patch, National and Ramuc that are easy to apply, last long, and are economical. Our concrete pool deck sealants extend the life of your deck by protecting from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and damage that could be caused by salt and water.

Pool deck sealants are ideal for protecting your concrete deck from the damages that could be caused by weather, extreme temperatures, chemicals, rain, and UV rays form the sun. These elements contribute towards your deck looking discolored and worn out, and could cause cracks in the surface.

At Pool Center we offer pool deck sealants that are long lasting, economical, and will protect your deck from damage. Our Deck-O-Shield Pool Deck Sealer extends the life of your deck by limiting the penetration of water into the surfaces and protects against salt, staining, rust and discoloration. Our Deck-O-Grip Water-Based Pool Deck Sealer dries to a clear, high-gloss, slip-resistant finish and protects your deck with its ability to resist stains and UV rays. Our pool deck sealants can be easily applied using rollers or sprayers, (which you will find in our pool store) and can also be used on patios, sidewalks, and porches.