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Use our winter accessories to hold your cover in place and protecting your plumbing from freeze damage. We are fully stocked with your winter pool supplies, and ready to ship!

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Solid A/G Pool Cover Accessories
Cover pumps, cables, air pillows and more to help you properly install and maintain your cover
Solid I/G Pool Cover Accessories
Cover pumps, water bags, patches and more to help you properly install and maintain your cover
Safety Cover Accessories
Huge Selection of Safety Cover Tools, Hardware and Parts for Meyco, GLI and Loop-Loc Pool Safety Covers

Pool Center has a wide selection of in ground and above ground pool cover accessories that will make it easier for you to secure, repair, and maintain winter pool covers. Pool Cover accessories may vary for in ground and above ground pools but, nevertheless, perform the same function of holding your pool cover in place during the cold weather.Pool cover accessories for in-ground pools include Aqua Bloks, Aquador Skimmer Covers, Anti-freeze, Winter Cover Patch Kit, One-Way Winter Pool Valve, Skimmer Freeze Guard, Pool Cover Pumps, Cover Drains, Water Tubes, Black Water Tubes, Corner Water Tubes, Cover Guards, Plugs, Valves, and Patch Kits.

Pool cover accessories for above ground pools include Air Pillows, Aquador Skimmer Plates, Cover Clips, Cover Loc Jr. Cover Seal, Cover Drain, Anti-freeze, Pool Cover Pumps, Wall Bags, Cover Cable and Winch, Patch Kit, and Skimmer Freeze Guard.

Our pool store carries all kinds of winter cover accessories to make pool winterizing easier, secure, and lasting. These high quality accessories are durable and affordable, and will help keep the debris from falling into your pool by ensuring a secure pool cover fit, making it easier and faster for you to open your pool in spring.