Foam Lounges

Our foam pool floats offer more buoyancy and are more durable than inflatable floats. They also come in several different attractive styles and colors.

Foam lounges are a great pool accessory when you want to want to spend relaxing time in your pool. Foam pool floats offer good body support and buoyancy and will help you unwind and relax in style. Pool Center offers a very large variety of foam pool floats that are economical, stylish, and will make your pool time special.

Our Unsinkable Super Soft Adjustable Recliner is a super soft, luxurious lounger that adjusts to an infinite number of positions with the turn of a knob- now you cannot beat that. You may also consider our Softie Floating Foam Chair that features solid foam Construction over an internal metal frame, and is ultimate in comfort and beauty. Our Baja Luxury Floating Foam Chair and Lounger are extremely comfortable and long lasting, and will provide hours of relaxation and tanning. Foam pool lounges and floats offer better buoyancy and are more durable than inflatable floats. Check out the foam pool floats and loungers and take some home today for ultimate relaxation in your pool.