Green Heat

Green heat options help save you money and reduce reliance on nonrenewable resources like oil and natural gas. Green heat means using energy from renewable sources like the sun, and dispersing it to your pool. Choose from our large selection of Solar Hot Water Heaters, Solar Pool Pumps, Solar Pool Heaters, Solar Blankets, Liquid Solar Blankets and Pool Heat Pumps all capture energy from the sun and use that energy to heat your water. Green Heat options require no maintenance, incur little or no operational costs, and depending on the source, can be absolutely free to use.

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Solar Controllers
Install The Air & Water Temperature Sensors, Set The System Thermostat And Let The Unit Do The Rest
Liquid Solar Heating
Stop Wasting Your Swimming Pool Heat! Create An Environmentally Safe Invisible Blanket Layer.
Solar Blankets
Heavy-Duty Material Works With The Sun To Capture Heat As It Prisms Through Raised Air Pockets
Solar Sun Rings
A Passive Solar Pool Heating Device Made From Two Sheets Of Heavy Weight U.V. Resistant Vinyl
Pool Heat Pumps
Heat From The Air Is Transferred To The Water Using The Most Efficient And Trouble-Free Technology
Low Nox Heaters
Produce Lower Nitrous Oxide Emissions And Heat Water More Efficiently Than Standard Pool Heaters.
Solar Pool Heaters
Solar Pool Heaters Offer Free Pool Heat By Using The Sun As A Natural Energy Source.

Green Heat alternatives help reduce or eliminate the impact ordinary pool heating systems have on the environment. You can protect our environment and save a lot of money by using a green heating option to warm your pool water. Green heating options for pools and spas consist of Solar Hot Water Heaters, Solar Pool Pumps, Solar Pool Heaters, Solar Blankets, Liquid Solar Blankets, and Pool Heat Pumps. Green heating systems use either a solar thermal unit that has panels which absorb energy from the sun and transfer it to your pool for heating the water, or a combination of an air-to-air heat pump that is paired with a small solar electric system. These options are not only environmentally-friendly, they are also easy on your pocket and require little maintenance. These energy-efficient ways heat your pool without the use of combustion of gas or oil so there is no environmental footprint. Choose from a variety of options we have available in our pool store and enjoy a more affordable and comfortable swim season.