Pool Center offers natural, propane, and electric heaters from top brands like Jandy, Hayward, and Raypak so you can effectively heat your swimming pool and never swim in cold water again.

Swimming pools are ultimate in entertainment and relaxation, but it takes a backstage when the water is cold and uninviting. Swimming Pool heaters are a perfect addition to your pool equipment and let you maintain a comfortable water temperature for the morning, evening or late season swims.Swimming pool heaters are available in various makes and models; with the basic difference being the type of energy the heater uses, e.g. natural gas or liquid propane, and their ignition style, e.g. millivolt or electronic start. Millivolt pool heaters utilize a standing pilot that must stay lit constantly to initiate the pool heating process; while an electronic start pool heater eliminates the need for keeping the pilot lit by electronically initiating the heating process. Ultra-efficient natural gas pool heaters and low-maintenance propane pool heaters utilize the latest in technology to ensure your pool's water is kept at the temperature you like. It is important to calculate the surface area of your swimming pool before you purchase a pool heater in order to determine how many BTUs it will take to warm your pool water to the comfortable level. Generally speaking, it may be more efficient to select a heater with higher BTUs; it will help warm your water faster and will save on heater’s running cost.Pool Center brings you the best in pool heating technology and offers top brands like Jandy, Raypak, and Hayward. Pool Center heaters feature durable construction, highest quality components, energy efficiency, and affordability making them an excellent choice to meet your pool heating needs.