Inground Cleaners

Inground pool cleaners are more suited to inground pools with longer cords or hoses, and the ability to climb steep inclines. Pool cleaners are made for inground and aboveground pools, but also for vinyl pools and for gunite pools. Most Inground pool cleaners are suitable for all pool types, but there are some cleaner models with different versions, for vinyl or gunite (plaster) pools. 

In Ground pool cleaners are especially designed to vacuum dirt, debris and algae from the pool floor and walls,
allowing you to save time and effort required to clean your pool otherwise. Inground cleaners have more ‘oomph than aboveground pool cleaners, to be able to climb walls, and also to climb back out of the deep end of the pool.

PoolCenter offers automatic in-ground pool cleaners from the top brand names like Aquabot, Hayward, Polaris,
Pentair and Zodiac. All in ground pool cleaners are made with top quality components, to offer years of efficiency, exceptional performance and of course, affordability. Inground pool cleaners are available in 3 types; robotic, suction or pressure, and over
50 models to choose from. Having trouble deciding? Call us (or email) and tell us about your pool and pool equipment (size and type) and we can advise the best type of cleaner, or suggest a particular model. offers automatic in-ground pool cleaners that deliver performance, fit all kinds of pools and
meets every budget. Visit our Pool Store and see for yourself the huge selection of in ground pool cleaners. If you have questions about using pool cleaners, or about installation, care and maintenance, or just about how to choose the best cleaner for your
particular pool – give us a call, we’re always glad to help!