In-Ground Filters

Nothing screams summer more than relaxing poolside with your favorite book and a chilled beverage. Of course, you’ll spend more time in the water when it’s glistening and crystal clear from top to bottom. Pool water that’s in motion hinders waterborne bacterial growth, which is why choosing the right pool filter is essential. In-ground pool filters work in conjunction with your pool pump to purify water in a systematic cycle. They’re larger than above-ground filters, but you’re still able to choose between sand, cartridge, and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) models from top brands like Hayward and Pentair.

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Between bodies lathered in sunscreen, feet covered with grassy blades, and the occasional summer rainstorm that disrupts your pool’s chlorine-pH balance, there are many contaminates that make it into the water. Swimming is a favorite pastime for kids and adults alike, but entering the water isn’t very appealing if it’s murky or colored green with algae. Of course, you can do damage control with a shock treatment, but routinely running your pool filter often serves as preventative maintenance by keeping the water clean and in motion.

Choose between sand, cartridge, and DE pool filters from top brands like Hayward and Pentair. Keep long-term reliability in mind by choosing an in-ground filter with a corrosion-free tank that can withstand harsh weather year after year. Summertime swimming is mostly an occasion to kick back on your favorite floating pool lounger beneath the afternoon sun, but as a pool owner, there’s also some routine maintenance involved. If water flow from the filter back into your pool is slow, it might be time to backwash, replace the filter sand, or wash the removable cartridge.

In addition to factoring minimum upkeep into your purchasing decision, shop for an in-ground filter with that’ll consume the least amount of energy. Choosing a filter that can work with a small pump at a low speed minimizes energy use, which will save you money over time. Ensure that you’re making an informed purchase by visiting our pool filter information page, where pool experts explain the advantages and disadvantages of each filter type. Whether you choose a sand, cartridge or DE pool filter, guarantees superior performance with the most efficient machines from known manufacturers.