Use the comparison page to quickly compare the costs and benefits. Jandy pumps feature drop-in installation, high flow rates and energy-saving efficiency. Oversized baskets are easy to access, and adjustable bases allow for replacing other pool pumps with the Jandy pool pump easier. Raise or lower the base to fit different piping heights.

Jandy pool products were born from a simple product that revolutionized pool plumbing - the Jandy 3-way valve. In 1996, Jandy was purchased by Teledyne / Water Pik, which later became known as Laars/Jandy. With millions in profits reinvested into company growth, Jandy Pool Products tooled up to produce a line of pumps and filters to complement the line of Laars pool heaters. Jandy pool pumps are now owned by Zodiac and the Carlyle Group - powerfully backed; you can be confident that Jandy pool pumps are made and supported by a major player in the pool equipment business.

Pool Center offers top of the line Jandy pool pumps to bring you the best in pool care and maintenance, and carry Jandy Stealth, Jandy FloPro, Jandy PlusHP, and Jandy Water Feature. Jandy pool pumps feature high flow rates, energy-saving efficiency, and drop-in installation, making them an ultimate choice for pool owners.

TIP! When replacing an existing pool pump, refer to the PERFORMANCE chart on each page to select a pump and horsepower (hp) that will deliver an equal flow rate (+/- 10%) to your existing pool pump. You can also refer to the DIMENSIONS chart on each page, if you would like to match the measurements of the pipes coming in and out of your existing pool pump for easier plumbing. For more info see our Pump page or call us at 877-POOLCTR!