Swimming Pool Accessories - lights, plugs, fittings and fountains.

Swimming pool owners are aware that pool ownership comes with responsibility and requires several accessories for maintenance and aesthetic purposes. At Pool Center, we offer a wide range of pool accessories-repair kits, eyeball fittings, fountains, lights, timers, racks, ladder parts, and winterizing plugs.

Pool accessories can make a huge difference in the way your pool and its surroundings look; you can transform an ordinary swimming pool into an oasis by using the right kind of accessories. Pool accessories can range anywhere from simple fittings to stylish fountains and lights. These delightful accessories will not only create a unique look, but will also add pizzazz to your swimming experience. You can individualize the look of your swimming pool by installing lights that not only illuminate your pool but also create a safer swimming environment at night. Pool fountains also add glamour to an ordinary swimming pool and the cascading water offers a soothing ambience. Pool side towel racks and caddies are also a good investment; these simple items keep your towels and belongings nearby so you don’t have to step out of the pool when you need to grab something. Pool thermometers and clocks come in handy when you need to check on your water’s temperature and also helps you keep track of time. Ladder accessories help make your ladders and steps more stable and plugs help make winterizing easier. Pool Center has great ideas and lots of fun accessories for anyone who is thinking about giving their pool a makeover and create a whole new look.