Meyco Mesh Safety Covers

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the cover secure down to my pool?
– 3/4" holes are drilled with a masonry drill bit (not included) and the brass anchors are tapped into the holes. Then using the installation tool, the cover is stretched over to the anchor and secured down.

What types of anchors are included?
– Meyco's time-tested spring-loaded brass "Pop-Up" anchoring system.

What is the warranty on the cover?
– The covers is backed by a 12 year warranty.

What is included with the cover?
- Anchoring system, stainless steel buckles and protective cover springs, installation tool, and heavy-duty storage bag are included.

I don't have a concrete or wood deck. What cover can I use?
– Please speak with our Custom Sales department.

What happens if I don't meet the 3 safety requirements and still purchase the cover?
– The warranty is void. Manufacturer will be able to determine from wear on cover.