Mortex Pool Deck Repair Patch

For repair of pool deck and patio concrete that have textured surfaces, including Mortex's Pool Deck. Our Pool Deck Patch fixes pool decks and patios that are spalling, cracking or de-laminating. Simply mix and apply. Choose the closest match to your deck color. Please NOTE that your deck color may have faded over time, and a small patched area will usually not be an exact match.

See the online training video to show yourself how to make your own repairs. Our E-Z Patch Pool Deck Repair Kit couldn't be easier to use. All you need is a trowel and some dry weather to repair your own pool deck.

The E-Z Patch Pool Deck Repair Kit contains bonding agent in a separate bottle in the container. Just add some water and stir until you get a spreadable mix. Smooth this over areas of delamination, or use to fill the cracks in your pool deck. If your not sure if you have the textured concrete of Mortex Pool Deck, or if none of the colors below seem to match, please also see our Pool Deck Repair page.

Watch our video on Pool Deck Repair for more information.