Pool Algaecides

Poolcenter carries a wide variety of polymer, quaternary and mineral pool algaecides. We also carry a class of pool algaecides known as chlorine accelerators (Green to Clean and Yellow Out); very effective pool algae removal (kill) treatments. Winterized pools can control algae for long periods in a single dose with 60 Plus or our Winterizing pool algaecide. Black algae is usually treated with mineral algaecides like our Black Algaecide and the Eclipe3 algae control system. Green pool algae problems can be treated with Swamp Treat or prevented with any of our other half dozen pool algaecides, to remove small algae blooms and prevent it's return. For treatment of severe pool algae, see page bottom.

Small pool algae blooms that are isolated or slight are usually very treatable with good water balance, a good pool algaecide and a good pool brush. Severe full-on algae blooms, green pool water, black algae - is best attacked not with algaecide alone, but first shocking (very hard to 30 ppm), to kill the algae, clean up well, then control and prevent with pool algaecides.

1. Balance pool water pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid levels. Check pump and filter operation and timer settings or programs.
2. Super Shock with chlorine, add 3-4 lbs of pool shock per 10000 gals (use Yellow Out/Swamp Treat as chlorine accelerators for thick pool algae).
3. Brush Pool very thoroughly and run pool filter 24/7, backwashing only when pressure rises 5-8 ps. Clarifiers will help if your filter is small-ish.
4. After 24 hours, vacuum the pool (to waste, if possible) and brush again. Check and balance chemistry again, maintain chlorine at a constant 2-3 ppm.
5. Backwash or clean filter well, and add an initial dose of pool algaecide, followed by maintenance doses of pool algaecide each week for 2 months.