Pool Chlorinators

Take some of the work out of pool maintenance with our line of pool and spa chlorinators and brominators. Our selection includes simple pool chlorine floats as well as in-line chlorine dispensers and chemical metering pumps. Or you can combine the sanitizing power of natural mineral systems with low concentrations of chlorine and have pure sparkling pool water with no more smell or itchy eyes.

CMP Power Clean chlorinator is easily installed in-line with 2in. unions for quick connection
Hayward chemical feeders are available using in-line or off-line installation for pools and spas
Rainbow chlorinators/brominators are available for in-line and off-line installation
Sani King chlorinator/brominator plumbs in line and can be used on above ground pools or spas
In ground pool mineral purifying systems, replacement mineral pacs and test strips
Above ground pool mineral purifying systems, replacement mineral pacs and test strips
Floating chlorinators dispense sanitizer into the water and can add a fun, decorative touch
Naturally eliminate algae and contaminants to dramatically reduce bromine or chlorine usage

Swimming pools are fun, entertaining, and offer the opportunity for excellent aerobic workout, but they also call for regular maintenance without which the pool will become unclean and uninviting. Pool maintenance is a time consuming task which basically refers to keeping your water clean and free of bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. Pool water infested with bacteria not only looks cloudy and disgusting, but can lead to diseases and infections. It is imperative that pool owners keep the water contamination free so the swimming experience is relaxing and enjoyable.

Pool Chemicals are the most important element of pool maintenance regime with chlorine being the number one chemical used for sanitizing water and for killing bacteria. However, it is always very challenging to add the right amount of chlorine at the right time. Pool Chlorinators take care of this problem and help reduce the amount of time required for swimming pool maintenance. Pool Chlorinators work by automatically dispensing chlorine or bromine when it’s needed so you never have to worry about keeping your water clean. Pool Chlorinators and are easily available and most automatic chlorine feeders work universally with all types of filter systems.

Pool Chlorinators use either tablets or sticks to sanitize your water and slowly disperse them into your pool so your water is always sparkling clean and bacteria free. Most automatic feeders allow you to set the rate at which the chlorine dissolves, regulating the amount of chlorine added to your pool. Pool Center carries pool chlorinators, chlorine/bromine tablets in both 1 inch and 3 inch sizes, and chlorine sticks-come visit your one-stop destination at our pool store where you can find top quality chemicals and equipment for your pool maintenance needs.