Pool Valves

Pool Center offers numerous pool valves and valve actuators that make it easier to control your water flow and pool plumbing. Make using your equipment easier with our pool plumbing valves and actuators that are compatible with all top brands including Hayward, Jandy, and Pac Fab.

Pool valves and actuators are used to direct the flow of water and make pool plumbing arrangements easy-to-use and hassle-free. Valves are available for use in both above ground and in ground pool filters, and come in Slide Valve and Multi-Valve options. Slide Valves have only two positions, and are always side mounted; where Multi-Valves, as the name suggests, have multiple positions, and can be top or side-mounted. Multi- Valves usually perform six or seven functions, such as filter, backwash, rinse, waste, closed, recirculate, and winter.Pool Center offers a multitude of valves and actuators to make your pool plumbing easier and your equipment performing at its best. Our Hayward Multiport Valves are easy-to-use 6 position valves that are durable and feature a self-cleaning design. Our Jandy Never Lube Valves are resistant to chemicals and temperature fluctuations, and do not require lubrication-as simple as that. We also carry Slice Valves that are simple shut off valves for your pool filter and offer ease of access to your pump, filter, or chlorinator. The Slice Valves are extremely easy to open and close, and do not require any tools or detaching hoses. We also carry One-Way Winter Pool Valves and Check Valves that provide an airtight seal, and make winterizing your pipes a snap. We also offer valve actuators that provide reliable control of any 2 way and 3 way diverter valves for pool/spa combinations and water features.Our pool store is open 24/7 so come take a stroll and choose some handy valves to make pool operation convenient and efficient!!