Pump Repair-Go Kits

Seals, o-rings and gaskets needed to service and repair many models of pool pumps

What's A GO-KIT for Pumps?

Blister pack containing pool pump parts, swimming pool valve parts, swimming pool filter parts, and swimming pool chlorinator parts. A convenient way to have ALL of the replaceable parts for one pump, filter, chlorinator, or valve, in one place. We carry these on our pool service trucks. Contains such parts as: Seals, O-rings, Gaskets, Bushings, Clips, etc. Multiport valve "spider gasket" kit #10 shown on the left

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    GO-KIT-6 ZAPC0021
    Go Kit 6 Sta-Rite P2RA DuraGlas / MaxeGlas Pump Rebuild Kit Includes: 1-O-240 Sta-Rite Housing O-Ring 1-G-99RS Sta-Rite Gasket 1-O-49 Sta-Rite Diffuser O-Ring 1-Ps100 Sta-Rite Motor Seal 1-O-218 Sta-Rite Lid O-Ring

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    GO-KIT-32 ZAPC0018
    Purex Whisperflo Pump Series O-Ring Kit, Go Kit 32 Includes 1-O-304 Whisperflo Seal Plate O-Ring 1-O-359 Whisperflo Diffuser O-Ring 1-O-Whisperflo Impeller O-Ring 1-Ps1000 Whisperflo Seal 1-O-108 Whisperflo Lid O-Ring

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    GO-KIT-5 ZAPC0020
    Go Kit 5 Pac Fab Challenger Pump Rebuild Kit
    • 1-Ps200 Pac-Fab Motor Seal
    • 1-O-421 Pac-Fab Diffuser O-Ring
    • 1-O-419 Pac-Fab Housing O-Ring
    • 1-O-301 Pac-Fab Strainer O-Ring
    • 1-O-318/O-302 Pac-Fab Lid O-Ring

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    GO-KIT-54 ZAPC0163
    Go Kit 54 Sta-Rite P2R & P2RA Series MaxeGlas & DuraGlas 1998 to Present 1-O-240 Sta-Rite Housing O-Ring 1-O-49 Sta-Rite Diffuser Gasket 1-As-200 Sta-Rite Motor Seal 1-O-218 Sta-Rite Lid O-Ring 1-G99RS Sta-Rite Gasket

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    GO-KIT-33 ZAPC5098
    GO KIT 33 Purex AquaTron Pump Series O-ring Kit1-AS-501 Purex Seal1-O-108 Purex Lid O-Ring1-O-163 Purex Volute Flange O-Ring

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    GO-KIT-20 ZAPC0015
    GO KIT 20 American Products Ultra Flow and American Bronze Pump w/ Bronze Impeller O-Ring and Seal Kits
    • 1-PS1000 Seal
    • 1-O-244 Diffuser Gasket
    • 1-O-240 Volute Gasket
    • 1-G-97 6 Pot to Volute Gasket
    • 1-O-136 Lid O-Ring
    • 1-O-329 Volute O-Ring
    Not sure if Go Kit 20 is right for you? Check our Go-Kits page.

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    GO-KIT-24 ZAPC0162
    GO KIT 24 Pac-Fab Pinnacle Pump Series O-Ring Kit
    • 1-O-465 Pinnacle Pump Seal
    • 1-PS200 Pinnacle Pump Seal
    • 1-O-395 Pinnacle Pump Diffuser O-Ring
    • 1-O-318 Pinnacle Pump Lid O-Ring

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    GO-KIT26 ZAPC5132
    GO KIT 26 Sta-Rite CF, CFA & CF6 Series Pumps O-Ring and Seal Kit Fits StaRite Bronze and Anthony Bronze filter pumps. Includes: 1-PS1000 Sta-Rite Seal 1-G-44 Sta-Rite Volute Gasket 1-O-13 Sta-Rite Lid O-Ring 1-O-19 Sta-Rite Trap O-Ring GO-kit 26 can also be found on these StaRite Bronze parts pages

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    GO-KIT-22 ZAPC5103
    GO KIT 22 Pac-Fab Hydropump Series O-Ring Kits
    • 1-O-257 Pac Fab Volute O-Ring
    • 1-O-24 Pac Fab Pot to Volute O-Ring
    • 1-O-182 Pac Fab 590 Lid O-Ring
    • 1-O-302 Pac Fab 700 N/S Lid O-Ring
    • 1-O-318 Pac Fab 700 O/S Lid O-Ring
    • 1-AS-201 Pac Fab Seal
    Go-Kit22 is also found on the PacFab Purex Hydropump parts page

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    GO-KIT-13 ZAPC5097
    GO KIT 13 Hayward Power-Flo SP-1700 Series O-ring kit
    • 1-AS-4702 Hayward Motor Seal
    • 1-AS-4702SH Hayward Seal Housing
    • 1-PS1000 Hayward Motor Seal 1000
    • 1-O-237 Hayward Housing O-Ring

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    GO-KIT-14 ZAPC0013
    Jacuzzi Magnum Pump Seal and O-Ring Kit, Go Kit 14 Includes: 1-As-972 Jacuzzi Magnum Seal 1-O-263 Jacuzzi Magnum Case O-Ring 2-O-39 Jacuzzi Magnum Plug O-Ring 1-O-336 Jacuzzi Magnum Strainer O-Ring 1-O-462 Jacuzzi Magnum Diffuser O-Ring

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    GO-KIT-16 ZAPC5099
    GO KIT 16 American Products Americana & Bronze Pump w/ Noryl Impeller Seal and O-ring kit
    • 1-O-300 Seal Plate O-Ring
    • 1-AS-201 Seal
    • 1-O-136 Plug O-Ring
    • 1-G-97 Pot to Volute Gasket
    • 1-O-329 Volute O-Ring

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    GO-KIT-25 ZAPC0016
    Go Kit 25 Sta-Rite Pe & P2RA & AJ Series Pumps O-Ring Kit Includes: 1-Ps100 StaRite Seal 1-O-240 StaRite Clamp O-Ring 1-O-49 StaRite Diffuser O-Ring 1-G-54 StaRite Seal Plate Gasket

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    GO-KIT-66 ZAPC0023
    Go Kit 66 Hayward 4000 Series Northstar Pump Kit
    • 1-O-504 Hayward Cover O-Ring
    • 1-O-239 Hayward Seal Plate O-Ring
    • 1-As-201 Hayward Pump Motor Seal
    • 1-O-83 Hayward Union O-Ring
    • 1-O-246 Hayward Diffuser O-Ring

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    GO-KIT-1 ZAPC0011
    Go Kit 1 Hayward Max-Flo Pump Seal & Gasket Kit, Fits Series Sp-1800 & Sp-2800 Includes: 1-G-95 Max-Flo Housing Gasket 1-O-141 Max-Flo Diffuser Gasket 1-O-76 Max-Flo Lid Gasket 1-As-1521 Max-Flo Motor Seal

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    GO-KIT-2 ZAPC0014
    Go Kit 2 Hayward Super II Pump Series Sp-3000 & Sp-3000X Seal and Gasket Kit 1-O-141 Super II Diffuser Gasket 1-O-12 Support Base O-Ring 1-G-345 Super II Housing Gasket 1-As-1521 Super II Motor Seal

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    GO-KIT-21 ZAPC5102
    GO KIT 21 American Products Eagle Pump O-Ring Kits
    • 1-O-330 Volute O-Ring
    • 1-PS1000 Seal
    • 1-O-218 Lid O-Ring
    • 1-G-370 Diffuser Gasket

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    GO-KIT-3 ZAPC0017
    • Hayward Superpump Seal & Gasket Kit, Generic Gokit3 • Includes: 1 Each of Housing Gasket, Diffuser Gasket, Lid Gasket and Shaft Seal • Used with: Hayward Superpump Pool Pumps, All Series

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    GO-KIT-71 ZAPC0024
    Go Kit 71 Polaris Booster Pump O-Ring / Seal Kit
    • Ps1000 Polaris Pump Seal
    • O-30 Polaris Shaft O-Ring
    • O-299 Polaris Bracket O-Ring

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    GO-KIT-12 ZAPC0012
    Go Kit 12 Hayward Power-Flo and Turbo-Flo Pump Seal and Gasket Kit
    • 1-As-4702 Hayward Motor Seal
    • 1-As-4702Sh Hayward Seal Housing
    • 1-G-64R Hayward Housing Gasket
    • 1-O-139 Hayward Strainer Cover Oring
    • 1-O-231 Hayward Strainer Cover Oring
    • 1-O-128 Hayward Strainer O-Ring
    • 1-O-237 Hayward Housing O-Ring

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    GO-KIT-31 ZAPC5113
    GO KIT 31 Purex C-Series Commercial Pumps, Seal, O-ring, Gasket kit
    • 1-O-88 Purex Lid O-Ring
    • 1-G-75 Purex Pot to Volute Flange Gasket
    • 1-AS-360 Purex Seal
    • 1-O-161 Bracket to Volute Flange Gasket
    Go Kit 31 can also be found on the Purex C series parts page

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    GO-KIT-38 ZAPC0019
    Go Kit 38 Sta-Rite P4E & P4EA Series MaxeGlas II & DuraGlas II 1-O-113 Sta-Rite Seal Plate O-Ring Small 1-O-240 Seal Plate Housing O-Ring 1-As-1521 Sta-Rite Seal 1-O-83 Sta-Rite Diffuser O-Ring 1-O-12 Sta-Rite Lid O-Ring

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