Remote Control Games

Radio controlled toys and remote controlled toys make the pool even more fun! View our popular Radio Control Boats and Remote Control Submarines! Cheap RC Boats and RC Pool Toys for the entire family to enjoy including the brand new RC Cyber Ray Underwater Pool Toy. Get yours today!

Remote Control toys in general are a lot of fun; remote control toys for swimming pool are even better since they can float on the water and can even work underwater. Your kids will love to play with remote control toys and pool time will be a lot more fun. Remote control pool toys will be a great hit with the kids at your pool party, and they will also make great gifts for a summer birthday!

We also have cool remote control toys that will encourage your teenager to clean the pool without you having to ask again and again. Our RC Jet Net is a remote controlled leaf and bag skimmer that looks like a speedy boat and picks up leaves, bugs, and small debris. Your kids will love to help you maintain a clean pool using this handy remote control toy, while having a tremendous amount of fun. Choose from a variety of remote control toys available in our pool store and having an amazing time in the pool with your family.