Pool Center offers top of the line robotic pool cleaners for swimming pools. Use the comparison page to quickly compare by manufacturer, type, costs and benefits. For more information about the different types, visit the Pool Janitor's Page, where you can learn more about how each type of pool cleaner works and choose the cleaner that is best for you!

Keeping your swimming pool clean is one of the biggest challenges of pool ownership and requires a lot of time and effort. You can reduce your pool cleaning time and enhance the efficiency of your pol filter with a robotic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners operate on their own power, and trap debris in their own onboard bag or cartridge. Fully independent of your pump and filter system, robot pool cleaners are easy to operate, quick cleaning and reliable. Most robotic pool cleaners can clean an entire pool in under an hour. Advanced features include remote control operation, onboard lighting, faster or more complete cleaning coverage.

Pool Center’s large selection of robotic pool cleaners includes top brands like Aqua Vac, SmartPool, AquaBot, Dolphin, and RoboClean-all of which ensure that your pool will be free of debris and contaminants, and water will be crystal clean and sparkling.

Robotic pool cleaners have numerous advantages; they clean your pool efficiently and effectively and are energy efficient. Also they independently of your pool's filtration system, and have built-in filtration allowing you to run your filter less and save money on utility bills. They have the ability to clean all pool surfaces including floor, walls, and even stairs, and most pools are cleaned within an hour.

Robotic pool cleaners from Pool Center are an ideal investment for a pool owners who would like to spend more time enjoying their pool, and less time cleaning it and of course, would also like to save money.