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Safety Cover Accessories
Replacement anchors, springs, buckles and more for safety pool covers
Give your pool an extra layer of protection against debris and algae
Prevent staining and growth of algae during the winter with these winterizing chemicals
Protect pool equipment from ice damage with our selection of expansion plugs and skimmer guards
Vacuum and blower removes water from plumbing to prevent winter freeze damage
Heater covers protect your investment from leaves, debris and harsh winter weather
Protect your diving board from harsh winter weather
Remove unwanted water gathering on top of the pool cover during the winter with these cover pumps
Cover pumps, cables, air pillows and more to help you properly install and maintain your cover
Cover pumps, water bags, patches and more to help you properly install and maintain your cover
Huge Selection of Safety Cover Tools, Hardware and Parts for Meyco, GLI and Loop-Loc Pool Safety Covers
Keep your aboveground pool cover free from debris and leaves with above-ground leaf nets
Protect your inground pool cover from leaves with an in ground leaf net


The added benefits of a Pool Center safety cover for your inground swimming pool is many.  First, the added peace of mind that a swimming pool safety cover offers is priceless.  Wild animals, pets, and children meandering onto the cover or falling onto the cover will be much less of a concern with the confidence in knowing that your mesh or solid safety cover is rock solid and secure.  inground swimming pool safety covers also save you money!  A mesh safety cover will allow snow and rain water to melt and pass through the cover, ultimately saving you money on water utilities in the spring time.  Many insurance companies also offer discounts for a swimming pool protected by a mesh safety cover as well as a solid safety cover.  Most safety covers includes a warranty and last up to 15 years.  Inground swimming pool safety covers will also prevent debris and other material from collecting into your pool over the long winter months, and if winterized properly you will save money by not having to buy as many pool opening chemicals to clarify your water.  Pool Center offers a large selection of safety covers for any pool shape or size and provides options to generate an instant estimate.