Sand Pool Filters

Between afternoon trips down your water slide and poolside luaus with all of your closest friends and family, it’s a lot more fun to simply enjoy the water than to think about what logistically makes it so clean and clear. Choose the right pool filter from the beginning, and you won’t have to spend unnecessary thinking on routine maintenance. Sand filters can be the simplest filter types to use. There’s no need to inspect the inside of a sand filter for cleaning, and backwashing is easy and sometimes hands-free. A sand filter is the perfect choice for a pool owner who wants value, simplicity, and durability.

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If you’re a novice pool owner and educating yourself on filtration systems for the first time, know that sand filters are the most commonly used and least expensive type of pool filters. Filter sand is inexpensive, and it only needs to be changed or replaced, on average, every seven years. Typically, if you notice that your pool water is cloudy and you’re sure it’s not from a chemical imbalance, or if the water pressure becomes slow, backwashing your filter does the trick and repositions the sand so that the filtration is more efficient.

With a sand filter, water from your pool travels through a layer of sand within internal chambers inside of the filter. When water from the pool passes through the sand, dirt and other particles are trapped inside and clean, purified water is sent back into the pool. Sand pool filters can trap particles as small as 20 to 40 microns in size, and models are available for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. Of course, whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, make sure the chemicals you use are sand friendly. Biguanide treatments, for example, can “gum up” filter sand and will require you to clean the filter annually to ensure that dirt and particles are being trapped efficiently.

If you’re hoping for minimal upkeep and superior reliability, don’t hesitate to choose a sand filter. Visit our sand filter information page for specifics on how sand filters work to keep your water clear and dirt-free. Our pool experts offer up key indicators that’ll help you know when it’s time to backwash, and there’s even a detailed step-by-step that’ll guide you through the backwashing process if you’re new to pool maintenance. carries a wide selection of sand filters from top brands like Hayward and Pentair, and our handy resource center will guide you through everything from set-up to maintenance.