Solarattic Pool Heaters

We are your source for the incredible SolarAttic swimming pool solar pool heater. The PCS line of attic solar heaters has evolved over the past two decades to become the most respected and sought after solar heating alternative to solar panels, and for good reason. If you are interested in all the benefits of solar heating your swimming pool, you will appreciate the unique benefits of the PCS heater. Simple, do-it-yourself installation, no exposed panels to look at or maintain and ease of operation.

Solar without Panels: SolarAttic, Inc. has engineered the Pool Convection System 3 to heat your swimming pool using your attic and roof as a source of free energy. When your attic gets hot, the SolarAttic Swimming Pool Heater can add six weeks on to each end of your swimming season and can raise your pool temperature 10-15 degrees over a non-heated state. That means your family can enjoy the swimming pool without having to pay high heating bills. You get the benefits of solar pool heating without roof mounted solar panels.

Basic Operation: When the sun shines, the roof acts as a large solar collector. Heat accumulates inside the attic. The PCS3 safely uses this attic heat to warm your pool. It eliminates the need for solar roof panels. AND, as it heats your pool, it cools your home! This house cooling effect can lower air conditioning costs 25% or more.Description of Technology: Solar radiation strikes the roof and reaches the attic through a process called "conduction." The SolarAttic pool heater is physically located inside the attic and then transfers this solar radiation from the attic air into the swimming pool's water through a process called "forced air convection." Solar Attic Pool Heaters main features include:

• Pool Sizes: Up to 1000 square feet or 35,000 gallons

• Nominal BTU Rating: 60,000 BTUs/hour • Operating Cost: $9-18 per month @ 9¢ per KW/hour

• Plumbing Connections: 2" Male Pipe Threads

• Pressure Drop: 4-6 PSI typical • Optimal Water Flow Rate: 40-50 GPM

• Modes: Manual Off & On • Automatic Operation: Optional Solar Control