Solar Sun Rings

The Solar Sun Ring is a passive solar swimming pool heating device made from two sheets of heavyweight U.V. resistant vinyl. The upper clear layer holds insulating air and focuses sunlight on the blue colored lower layer. You will really be amazed at the thickness and durability of these Solar Pool Rings. The blue layer absorbs about 50% of the sunlight and converts it to heat. The balance of the sunlight is allowed to pass through for deep water heating. Solar Sun Rings are patented, and have been independently tested to show a heat transfer of up to 21,000 BTUs. They are up to 5x thicker than standard solar blankets, and will last for years.

How Do Solar Sun Rings Work?

At night the contained air acts as an insulating blanket to retain heat gained during daylight. Solar Sun Rings are equipped with six magnets which connect to each other easily. The strength of the magnets will permit single position removal but will easily separate to prevent entrapment in accidental falls. The other guys have weak magnets on their solar pool rings.

Solar Sun Rings were designed to be compatible with automatic pool cleaners. In the event the suction hose catches on a ring, the ring will separate from the raft to allow the pool cleaner to continue. Neither water nor pool chemicals can evaporate through the Solar Pool Rings two layers of heavyweight vinyl. You will save water and chemicals about equal to the percentage of the surface covered. Once the water in your pool has reached adequate temperature, Solar Sun Rings may be turned over to conserve water by limiting evaporation without significantly heating the water.

How Many Solar Sun Rings Do I Need?

We recommend enough Pool Solar Rings be purchased to cover 75% of your pools surface, ignoring the small triangles between the rings. Each of our solar pool rings is 5 feet wide. For example, a 16x32 rectangle will use about 16 Solar Sun Rings, an 18' Round would use about 8 or less.

How Do I Clean My Solar Sun Rings?

Solar Sun Rings can be easily cleaned with a sponge and mild detergent solution. Made from heavy vinyl - a Pool Solar Ring will last for years and years, unlike traditional polyethylene plastic solar blankets that will break down from sun and chlorine after a few pool seasons. Because they stack so easily, pool solar rings are easier to store in the off season.

Solar Sun Rings Help Your Pool Stay Clean

Your pool requires some direct sunlight and open water to stay healthy. The open water around the raft of Solar Pool Rings and the triangle caused by the convergence of three Solar Pool Rings is by design. These open areas allow your pool to receive some direct sunlight. This sunlight will greatly reduce the incidence of mustard algae.