Use our Swimming Pool Pump comparison page to quickly compare the costs and benefits. Renowned for smooth operation and easy priming, Sta-Rite is one of the most widely installed pump in the U.S. and produce quality pool pumps at affordable prices. With Sta-Rite, you can feel confident about your purchase knowing that the brand is backed by a major player in pool equipment.

If you are looking for an energy efficient and highly effective pool pump for your filtration system Sta-Rite pump will be an excellent choice. Sta-Rite pool pumps offer large capacity trap, heavy duty motor, super quiet operation, and energy efficiency. Sta-Rite pool pumps are designed with quality and convenience in mind so they feature high quality components, weather-resistant housing, and easy installation. With a Sta-Rite pool pump, your filter was perform at its best and your water will be clean and sparkling.

TIP! When replacing an existing pool pump, refer to the PERFORMANCE chart on each page to select a pump and horsepower (hp) that will deliver an equal flow rate (+/- 10%) to your existing pool pump. You can also refer to the DIMENSIONS chart on each page, if you would like to match the measurements of the pipes coming in and out of your existing pool pump for easier plumbing. For more info see our Pump page or call us at 877-POOLCTR!