Winter Blower Boxes

Blow your pool lines out like a professional! Prevent damage from snow and freezing water in Winter. We carry a variety of winter blower boxes and accessories to make your pool winterizing easier.

Winterizing your pool’s plumbing is as important as winterizing the pool itself and the necessary equipment. If water is left inside the pipes, it may freeze and could result in damage to your pool’s structure and the equipment causing leaks in the pool. A winter blower box is an ideal solution to clearing your underground pool plumbing so that you can properly add antifreeze and prevent damage from cold harsh weather. Winter Blower Boxes are simple to use-just connect the blower to your skimmer line and blow air through all pipes and equipment in order to remove any water and then close the pipes and return lines with plugs for an airtight seal. The blower boxes can also be used as liner vacuums for installing vinyl liners, so you basically get double benefits for one price.