Winter Pool Covers

Cover and protect your pool from the harsh effects of winter and prevent staining and algae growth during the cold months when your pool is not in use. Pool Center offers winter covers in various styles and materials so your pool can be well protected.

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Winter pool covers made from high weight, high density polyethylene strips woven tightly together into PE fabric. After 2-5 laminate coatings (depending on cover thickness) to add strength and waterproofing, the laminated fabric is coated with UV, fungal and chemical inhibitors to protect the pool cover from the elements. Our winter pool covers are available in 5 thicknesses, in both solid and tight mesh fabrics. Solid winter pool covers are important to block out the sun and protect your pool from dust, dirt, pollution and debris, which can wreck your water balance and stain or damage your pool surfaces. Without your pool filter operating, stagnant water can quickly turn foul and when spring arrives, quickly turn dark shades of green algae. 

Mesh pool covers are easier to manage than a solid pool cover, because the weave allows rain water and snow melt to slowly pass through to the pool. This also allows for dust and silt to pass through, and in urban areas, low pH rain can affect pool pH levels during winter. However, a mesh cover can be perfectly suitable for pools that are not surrounded by trees or dusty agriculture. Mesh winter covers float on the surface, and are held in place by water bags just like solid covers, and should not be confused with mesh safety covers, which are held taut across the surface by deck anchors. Mesh pool covers are very lightweight and easier for one person to install or remove and don't require the use of a pool cover pump to pump off precipitation. 

Solid pool covers block all sunlight and rain water from entering the pool. This prevents algae growth during fall and spring, and reduces spring clean-up by keeping out dust, pollen, and pollution. Solid pool covers are held in place with water bags or aqua Bloks, and use a small cover pump to remove rain and snow melt. For pools surrounded by trees, a Leaf Net can be placed over a winter pool cover to allow easy leaf removal, in one quick operation, that saves time and prevents clogged cover pumps. 

Hybrid pool covers offer the best of both solid pool covers and mesh pool covers. Made of our heaviest weight cover material, Hybrid covers have a center mesh strip that allows rain water to pass through, into the pool. Blocks 98% of sunlight, while making winter pool cover maintenance and spring removal much faster and easier. Special one way mesh allows water to flow into the pool, but prevents the water in the pool from running out onto the pool cover. Hybrid pool covers are new, an idea borrowed from solid safety pool covers.