Winter Pool Supplies

Pool Center has everything you need for closing your swimming pool - from pool covers to plugs and gizzmos, we have it ALL. Winterize your pool properly and prevent staining and algae growth during winter using our top quality pool winterizing supplies and enjoy an easier and faster pool opening.

Winter pool supplies is a large category that covers more than pool covers - here is where we keep winterization supplies, closing chemical kits, pool cover accessories and other items to protect your pool and pool equipment during a long and cold off-season.

End of summer brings the end of swimming season and the time to prepare and protect your swimming pool from the harsh winter weather so you have a sparkling clean pool next summer. Winterizing the pool may seem like a tedious chore but not only does it save your pool from the damaging effects of snow and frozen water, it saves you a lot of time and effort when you are ready to open your pool.

Pool Center carries all kinds of winterizing accessories that you will need in order for you to close your pool and keep it well protected during the cold weather. We offer Safety Covers, Winter Covers, Hybrid Covers, Leaf Nets, Winter Chemicals, Expansion Plugs / Gizzmos, Winter Blower Boxes, Pool Heater Covers, Winter Cover Pumps, and several other winterizing accessories. Visit our Pool Store for all your pool winterizing needs which are available in a large variety and at affordable prices; and prepare your swimming pool for a safe closing, and a sparkling opening.