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Kreepy Krauly Help File (continued)

  • Check to ensure your Kreepy Krauly is operating at the proper speed of between 8 and 12 feet per minute.

    Check to ensure the dive float mechanism is operating freely and the dive float restrictor is installed. (See page 5 for how to install dive float restrictor.)

  • Shorten the roller bumper strap by 1/2 inch. (Pull out upper end of bumper strap from locking end clip attached to swivel head. Cut 1/2 inch off, then return bumper strap into locking end clip.)

If Kreepy Krauly tracks in a repetitive pattern.

  • Check the swivel on the top of Kreepy Krauly. It should turn freely.

    Check the return line water flow and re-direct as necessary with an eyeball diverter. Refer to page 11.

    Check Kreepy Krauly's hose to ensure it has not become bent or kinked. It only takes one bent or kinked hose section to hinder the cleaning coverage. One way to check for kinks in your hose is to lay each section flat on your pool's deck (or other flat surface).

  • The hose should be perfectly straight and flat. Do not coil the hose when taking your Kreepy Krauly out of the pool because it will retain the coil shape, forming a bend or kink.

If Kreepy Krauly gets stuck on pool obstructions such as a safety ledge, ladders, steps, swim-outs, benches, etc.
  • Remove dive float restrictor and install a wall climb adjuster (Part # 12-065). Snap the wall climb adjuster into place as shown in Figure 17. This will keep Kreepy Krauly on the pool's floor and away from pool obstructions. Make sure the narrow end of the wall climb adjuster points down to the drive tubes. (This accessory is available for purchase from your Kreepy Krauly dealer).

  • If Kreepy Krauly gets stuck under your pool ladder, install a Ladder Guard (Part # 12-330) according to the instructions contained in the packaging. (This accessory is available for purchase from your Kreepy Krauly dealer.)

If Kreepy Krauly is still hampered by the unique characteristics of your pool, regardless of the adjustments we've provided:

  • Consider "Thruster", (Part # 3-370) the Kreepy Krauly accessory that aids random pattern coverage by automatically repositioning the hose to help free the cleaner from obstacles. Thruster keeps Kreepy Krauly out of tight spots in difficult-to-clean or uniquely-shaped pools. Ask your Kreepy Krauly dealer about this accessory.

  • Sometimes debris may clog the bottom of the cleaner and prevent flapper movement or restrict flow. The flapper is located inside the main body and must move freely at all times.

  • You can see the flapper through the opening in the baffle plate, when you turn the cleaner upside down as shown in Figure 18. Jiggle the flapper with your finger or flush the cavity with a hose to force out any debris lodged inside the main body.

  • If debris is still lodged inside, you must remove the flapper. First, lift the lip of the foot pad and insert a flat-head screwdriver along side one of the two tabs found on the baffle plate. See Figure 19. Push the tab inward with the screwdriver until the baffle plate releases. Place a finger into the center opening of the baffle plate and pull up until it pops out. Then pull the flapper out. NOTE: Your should be able to do this without taking the footpad off.

  • Once the debris is dislodges, insert the flapper back into position. Be sure that it is securely in place. See Figure 19.


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