Combination Valves

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The most common variety of valve found on pool plumbing. Also known as Jandy valves or Compool valves, these types of valves are more expensive, but worth every penny. Easier to use than other types of pool valves and newer models require no lubrication.


The removable lid makes these pool valves serviceable in the event of a clog or the breakage of internal parts. The 3 way design (shown) allows for plumbing flexibility and simplicity. Also available in 2 way design. Another advantage of these valves is that you can plumb with pipe to the inside of the valve, or you can glue a coupling to the outside of the valve, allowing you to plumb 1.5" or 2" with the same valve.



Schematic of
						a Jandy 3-Way Valve


What can be confusing for combination valve users is what is happening inside the valve when they turn the handle. Notice in the diagram that the size and curve of the handle, corresponds exactly with the diverter (item #9) inside the valve body. Wherever the curved front of the handle is located, so will be the "door" of the valve. As you turn the valve handle, the diverter inside rotates in the same direction.

3 way or combination valves have a stop on the underside of the valve handle, designed to limit the range of motion to 180 degrees. Sometimes these break off. Be careful not to accidentally dead head the valve, blocking water flow - which can cause a few problems.

Important to keep older combination valves lubricated with a Teflon or Silicone lubricant. Newer valves, known as Never-Lube, do not need to be manually lubricated. Fill the grease cap on gray models with Magic Lube or similar lubricant annually. After filling the cap, thread the outer cap down to squirt lube into the valve body, onto the face of the diverter.

If the handle breaks off of a three way valve, the valve can still be operated, until you buy a replacement valve handle. Remove the lock nut and pull off the broken handle. Wrap the diverter stem (#9) with cloth, and use gentle turning pressure with pliers.


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