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Dual Core

Pleatco Dual Core Filtration Technology

Description: water waves

Pleatco Dual Core Cartridges

At Pleatco we understand the needs of our consumers and know that they want the very best and latest when it comes to pool filtration, so we have designed an advanced filter cartridge which offers the best in everything-provides purest, cleanest water, and lasts long.

Pleatco’s Advanced Filtration System utilizes Water Polishing System that uses two enhanced filtration medias which not only cleans water to the purest level but also enhances the life-span of your filter.

To make sure that you are getting the best filter cartridge, Pleatco uses a dual core filtration technology which means that the cartridge’s outer fabric is an Antimicrobial media that inhibits the growth of bacteria; and the inner Pleatco PureTec media-unique only to Pleatco-captures tiny particles too small for the eye to see. The inner fabric does not clog with larger particles because the outer material acts as a pre-filter. Pleatco’s FREE FLOW CORES are designed to maximize water flow so they do not create excessive pressure that can lead to cracked plumbing which will reduce the life of a pool or spa’s pump. For most effective filtration and a healthy, clean pool use Pleatco Dual Core Filter Cartridges- you will not be disappointed.

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