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Laars/ Jandy FAQ (cont.)


Conservation of energy and fuel economy are extremely important—and an efficient pool heater can achieve, both.


By eliminating wasteful heating, a heater can quickly pay for itself. For example, all Teledyne Laars/ Jandy heaters are equipped with a sensitive thermostatic pool temperature control. It maintains the pool at the exact temperature desired without wasteful, long on-and-off cycles of heating and cooling.


Rust, corrosion and scale are the elements that deteriorate pool heaters fast. That’s why we make our sturdy 1-piece heater jackets rigid and strong, with single-seam welding and a new longer lasting, weather resistant coating that resists corrosion and ends flaking of finish. Our heat exchanger produces a scouring-action water flow that virtually inhibits scaling.


We have a salt-water pool. Any special problems?


Yes. Salt water is highly corrosive, and a heater must be equipped with a special heat exchanger and other features to handle it. Teledyne Laars/ Jandy heaters designed for salt water use are available on special order.


Will we have to buy any extras?


Not with Teledyne Laars/ Jandy. Everything you need for convenient, efficient operation is part of the heater package. In our gas-fired models with pilot light, included are such features as the Visoflame pilot lighting device that puts the pilot where it can be seen for fast checkout and easy lighting. Series 2 model ESC heaters have an electronic temperature controller which provides two separate temperature settings for the pool and spa modes of operation. This model also has electronic intermittent ignition for even lower operating costs.


Will my pool heater require much maintenance?


Not if it’s a Teledyne Laars/ Jandy. Usually, one maintenance inspection a year is sufficient to keep your heater working efficiently. Maintenance is largely a preventive measure used to safeguard your heater’s working condition. The ruggedness, corrosion-free construction and long-lasting finish of our heaters combine with simplicity of engineering to keep maintenance minimal.


How do I get service on my heater?


This should always be done by a trained technician. For years Teledyne Laars/ Jandy has been conducting service training schools in all parts of the country for pool service companies and our dealers to assure the availability of highly skilled technicians wherever you live. On Long Island, Paramount Pools has been an authorized Teledyne Laars/ Jandy installer and service center for over 18 years.


What about parts?


When you need them, we offer genuine factory parts through Teledyne Laars/ Jandy dealers. They are warehoused strategically across the nation to assure prompt replacement and repair regardless of where you live. has all the parts you would ever need. For other parts of the country, you can order them from us either over the phone at 877-766-5287, or right here on-line (see the heater parts section of this Web Site for complete exploded views of all Teledyne heaters).


What about warranties?


The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Federal Trade Commission require that product warranties be clearly and simply stated—and that such warranties be available to consumers prior to purchase. Be sure you ask for and read all warranties.


Our warranties are available from the dealer or by writing the factory. A warranty accompanies each heater, along with installation and operating instructions and service manual.


Equally important is the reputation of the manufacturer. Teledyne Laars/ Jandy has been standing behind its products for more than 40 years.


Why is the reputation of the manufacturer so important?


For two reasons: The quality of your heater and the protection of your investment in it. Teledyne Laars/ Jandy is the oldest and world’s largest gas pool heater manufacturer, with more heaters sold than all other brands combined. This is the result of engineering leadership that includes pioneering the first pool heater... the first stack-less model... the first line of heater to be fully approved for outdoor use... the first high-velocity flow-through tubes for heat exchangers... and the first truly compact oil-fired heater.


This leadership is sustained by a large national organization of distributors, dealers and technicians. Paramount Pools has been a dealer for over 18 years.


How long should a heater last?


Some heaters wear out in three or four years, but Teledyne Laars/ Jandy heaters normally last a lot longer. A product life of 10 to 12 years is not uncommon. Heater failure is usually the result of some outside cause—not normal usage—provided it has been properly maintained.


Could we add a heater later, after our pool is built?


Yes. Although a Teledyne Laars/ Jandy heater can be added at any time, it should be included from the beginning, just as a heating system is installed during the construction of a home. This means greater convenience for you and less installation cost. When you include a heater in the beginning, it costs only 6% - 10% of your pool investment and usually gives you 100% more enjoyment from your pool. If the heater is not installed when the pool is built, provision should be made for a heater stub-out in the return water line, and space or a concrete pad should be provided for future installation.    (continued........)

The information on this page is provided by Teledyne Laars/ Jandy, a leader in the Pool Heating Industry, from their brochure "Facts about pool heating"

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