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Identifying the filter cartridge

Description: Identification on End-cap Step 1: Locate the part number

You can easily locate the part number on the end-cap.

Description: Filter Cut-Away Diagram Step 2: Measure your filter cartridge using the following as your guide:

A: Measure the outside diameter of the cartridge.

B: Next measure the overall length of the cartridge up to the end caps excluding any handles, strings etc.; for exact measurement, it is a good idea to measure through the center of the cartridge.

C: if you have a cartridge with an open top/bottom, measure the inside diameter.

Description: Find OEM Information on Filter Step 3: Note manufacturer information

Do not forget to make note of the manufacturer (OEM) and model number of the filter for which you need the replacement cartridge. Also count the pleats and check to see if there is a core in the center.

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