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Learn About Pleatco Filters

Why Choose a Pleatco Filter from Pool Center

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Why Buy Pleatco Filters?

With so many options available on the market today, you may ask why you should buy a Pleatco Filter. The reason is simple and clear- Pleatco brings you the latest in technology and features that most of the competitors do not, and offers the best products at affordable prices-Now you cannot beat that. Some of the reasons why Pleatco stands out are:

  • High quality raw materials
  • 35 years of product development
  • 500+ different cartridges
  • Top quality filter media
  • Anti-Microbial, crack-resistant end caps
  • 20% more efficient cores (free flow technology)
  • No drilled PVC! Less wear & tear on pump
  • Model numbers printed on end caps for easy re-ordering
  • Anti-Microbial fabric protection available on most popular cartridges
  • Made in the USA

 Why Buy from Pool Center?

 Your next question probably is why you should buy from Pool Center and not from some other store? The answer is absolutely simple-At Pool Center, we care about our customers and stand behind our products. We have the largest selection of in-stock filter cartridges so shipping is a breeze. And the very fact that we have the nation�s largest and most experienced customer service team available to you 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week only makes it better and easier to buy from Pool Center!!

White Filters: High grade, cost effective spun bonded polyester.

Blue Filters: High grade, cost effective spun bonded polyester + antimicrobial technology.

Pleatco filter cartridges help protect your pool from becoming infested with bacteria, algae and mold by using antimicrobialtechnology that is designed to stop microbes from reproducing and polluting your swimming pool's water. Pleatco swimming pool filters have antimicrobial component built right into the filter's media at the time of making. The antimicrobial component is infused in the filtration media's polyester synthetic fibers as well as the Pleatco filter media and end caps, and works for the lifetime of the Pleatco swimming pool filter. Pleatco cartridges have the antimicrobial technology built into the surface of the Pleatco filters from where it penetrates the cell walls of the unwanted microbes, destroying their lifecycle function and preventing their spread. This antimicrobial is 100% safe for people and pets, so you can be assured that you are keeping your family safe while providing the purest, cleanest swimming pool water.

Pleatco engineers have has 35 years of filter design technology so they have designed Pleatco filters with high quality materials and highest filtration capabilities, making them the ideal choice for your swimming pool filter. Pleatco filters offer Free-Flow cores for more efficient filtration as compared to the standard drilled cores of competitors, so when you buy a Pleatco cartridge, you know you are doing your filter and your pool a favor.

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