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.....the #1 Chlorine Alternative according to an independent pool industry survey.
.....installed in over 500,000 pools in the U.S.
.....carried by more than 5,000 pool dealers nationwide, and growing.
.....endorsed by the 3 largest pool builders.
.....breakthrough technology protected by 17 worldwide patents and 20 patents pending.

How does Nature2 work?

The purifier precisely directs water flow through a six-month, replaceable cartridge. Inside, a non-electrical reaction "activates" oxygen by breaking the molecule into its nascent atoms, atomic oxygen - one of Earth's most powerful sanitizers, to kill bacteria, viruses and algae. As if that weren't enough, the Purifier also releases trace amounts of natural, algaestatic and bactericidal minerals into the pool to help prevent bacteria and algae growth. This is known as Cationic Sanitation.

After installation, will pool maintenance change?

The most noticeable difference will be the dramatic reduction in chlorine used to keep the water healthy. You will also enjoy more time for yourself with less chemical maintenance, application and adjustments. The largest benefit to you will surely be the visual clarity and sparkle of the water....guaranteed. The water quality improves with no chlorine or chemical odor. Nature2 treated water exceeds EPA drinking water standards, so if you choose to drink, it will taste like a mountain stream. But it won’t reduce pool maintenance by that much really; the pool will just need less chlorine and algaecide.

Is Nature2 compatible with other products?

Nature2 is compatible with every type of chemical treatment program available except - Biguanide products (Baquacil® or Soft Swim® bromine, bromides and copper based algaecides.). It works well with ozone systems and UV systems for pools that want to be essentially chlorine free, or for pools using Bromine.

Can I use Nature2 in a fish pond or natural pool?

Nature2 can also be used for fountains, memorials or water features as a natural way to control algae and bacteria, but is not suited for fish ponds or natural pools because of the need for shocking to activate the cartridge.

Is Nature2 a filter?

No. A filter is designed to remove large particles and debris, while Nature2 disinfects pool water by killing 99% of bacteria, algae and viruses, which are too small to be caught by a filter. Nature2 is not a filter, but a purifier, designed as a supplemental sanitizer to complement a low-chlorine treatment.

When do I replace the cartridge?

The Nature2 cartridge is designed to provide up to 6 months of continuous water purification, depending on the model. Each model comes with a reminder system which tells you when to replace it. For most people, it’s one cartridge per season. Mineral Spa cartridges (for hot tubs) are smaller, designed to last only 4 months.

How do I dispose of used cartridges?

The minerals inside of the cartridge are natural, so it is completely safe for disposal with other household trash, or recycling. In the unlikely event that the cartridge shatters or cracks, small plastic pellets may be released, these are harmless.

Can I reuse a cartridge?

No, once the cartridge dries out completely, it cannot be reactivated.

What affects cartridge life?

Hot water, poor water balance, or a dirty pool does not affect the Nature2 cartridge. 24 hour a day pump operation will reduce its life to about four months.

Do I still need to use chlorine?

As with any other supplemental purifier, you'll need to use a small amount of residual oxidizer. With Nature2, you can reduce your chlorine level to around 0.5ppm. For most pools, this is 1-3 tablets per week, and you’ll also need to maintain a low level of cyanuric acid, 20-50 ppm, to protect the chlorine from the sun. To keep your chlorine working at optimum level, keep the pool pH below 7.5.

How often should a shock be used?

Because of the efficiency of Nature2, super-oxidation is needed much less often, with non-chlorine shock, if desired. Nature2 does require shocking when activating the cartridge, and for pools with high bather loads, or detectable presence of chloramines, algae or bacteria, a good shocking is recommended. For the average residential pool however, shocking can be reduced to every 6-8 weeks, when using Nature2..

Are minerals safe in a pool?

The minerals in Nature2 are completely safe for your swimmers. In fact, they are lower than the EPA limit for drinking water. Water treated by Nature2 actually exceeds EPA drinking water standards with respect to bacteria, silver and copper, so your pool water may actually be cleaner than the water you drink. The low level of minerals in Nature2 are also safe in ponds and fountains.

Can Nature2 stain pool surfaces?

No. Minerals released by Nature2 to provide residual cleaning remain well below levels that might cause staining. In fact, Nature2 offers the pool industry's ONLY "no-stain" warranty.

Is Nature2 an "Ionizer?"

No. Ionizers require electricity to discharge copper (or metal alloy) ions into pool water. Conversely, Nature2's non-electrical ceramic & mineral cartridge converts oxygen to nascent atomic sanitizers, in addition to releasing micro-doses of copper and silver ions, to control bacteria and algae.

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