1.5 in. Threaded Plug w/ O-Ring - SP1022C

1.5 in. Threaded Plug w/ O-Ring - SP1022C

Simply screw threaded plugs into all return and drain inlets after blowing out lines. Helps prevent damage to plumbing lines due to the expansion of freezing water.

When testing whether your pool leaks from inside the pool or underground - an easy test is simply to plug the skimmer, other suction ports and all the pool reruns. With all pumbling plugged, if the pool leaks, then you can assume that the pool leak is not underground in the plumbing, but inside the pool.

For a complete list of our rubber pool plugs, visit Pool Leak Test Plugs.

1.5 in. Threaded Plug w/ O-Ring - SP1022C
Manufacturer#: W1105
Item#: W1105

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