1.5 in. Pool Skimmer Plug with Oring, SP1022C

Hayward SP1022C is the most common winter pool plug, used to seal up pool returns, skimmers, vacuum lines and low water suction lines. It also is a popular 1.5" plug used on pool filters and pool plumbing drains. Raised tabs make it easy to remove with a screwdriver or pliers, or by hand. Unchanged design for over 30 years, the SP1022C plug by Hayward is one very popular pool system plug! 

Hayward SP1022C plug with raised tabs and rubber oring makes this pool plug suitable as a pool skimmer plug and pool return plug. Also fits many DE and cartridge filter drains. Raised tabs like an equals sign (=), make it easy to tighten and remove with a small screwdriver, or by hand. This pool plug is often used as a winterizing plug, as a plug for skimmers and returns, although a rubber expansion plug may provide a more secure seal. When used as a skimmer plug or return plug, be sure the o-ring is not dry-rotted, and wrap the threads with Teflon tape several times before threading tightly. 

1.5 in. Pool Skimmer Plug with Oring, SP1022C
Manufacturer#: W1105
Item#: W1105
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