24-Hour Pool Pump Timer

This 24-Hour Timer eliminates the need for you to keep turning on/off your pool pump and garden lights!

The 24-Hour Timer features 50 on/off settings with manual override; weather-resistant construction; and is UL Listed.

The 24-Hour Timer is 15 Amp, 120 Volt and includes a 24 cord with a standard three prong plug.

With the 24-Hour Timer, not only can you control the pump or the garden lights, but you can also increase efficiency of your pump and reduce pool maintenance by automating filter and chlorine cycles-making this timer an ideal piece of equipment for any pool owner!

24-Hour Pool Pump Timer
Manufacturer#: PT-1
Item#: A1450



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    • Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer
    • 15 Amp (1800 W) - Resistive or Tungsten
    • Up to 2 ON/OFF settings per day
    • 1 HP Air Conditioner
    • 5-15 Plug

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