Above Ground In-Pool Ladder

Above Ground In-Pool Ladder

The In-Pool Ladder features a five step design to accommodate for taller pools.

Most of today's pools are taller than usual and this ladder is designed for that. It features five full treads for ease of climbing and double, extended handrails.

The ladder includes two sets of mounting flanges; one set of rear mounting flanges and one set of front mounting flanges. Using both sets, the installation to the deck is very secure. The front flanges are designed to reduce / eliminate the movement of the ladder within the pool water.


  • Replaces SR Smith and DMS-100,101,102,& 103 models
  • Great for new pools or renovations
  • 0.065” thick
  • 1.90” OD tubing
  • 304 0r 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel


    Above Ground Pool In-Pool Ladder
    No Longer Available
    12-Volt Accent Light w/ Color Lenses
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