Above-Ground Poolside Volleyball Game w/ Portable Mounts

Portable and Permanent Bracket Mounts Available!

This Deluxe Poolside Volleyball combination game features a 16' volleyball / badminton net with corner ties that fit pools with diameters up to 24'. Its removable bracket mounts fit snugly onto the edge of the above ground pool (like a "C" clamp).

The frame has been built to last and withstand everyday wear and tear -- so this will be perfect for your pool parties, get-togethers, or simply having some fun in the sun with the family. The brackets are easily installed and removed.

Above-Ground Poolside Volleyball Game w/ Portable Mounts
Manufacturer#: 72786
Item#: T9994



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    • Net size: 24ft. wide x 30in. tall
    • Constructed for above ground pools
    • Includes deluxe water sport ball w/ needle
    • Easily installed and removed
    • Multi-feature poolside sports game
    • Constructed for above-ground pools
    • Compatible for badminton
    • Can be used with portable bracket mounts
    • Can be used with permanent bracket mounts
    • Permanent A/G rail sockets that screw into the top of the rail
     Above ground Volleyball / Badminton game Includes: Deluxe water sport ball w/ needle

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