Absolute 1200 Winter In Ground Pool Covers - 30 X 50ft Rectangle

Absolute 1200 Winter In Ground Pool Covers - 30 X 50ft Rectangle

Looking for a pool cover that fits better and lasts longer? You can end your search with The Absolute 1200 In-Ground Pool Covers that are truly ultimate in winterizing your pool and keeping it clean and ready for opening in spring.

The Absolute1200 In-Ground Pool Covers feature tight weave construction that is infused with UV inhibitors to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun and extend their life. A black underside helps reduce algae growth while a huge 6’ overlap offers greater wind protection and is made to fit most pool shapes.

A high pressure coating eliminates pin holes and reduces wear. Each seam, cable loop and perimeter binding on Absolute1200 In-Ground Pool Covers is double stitched with Poly Pro U.V. treated thread for maximum strength.

    Absolute 1200 Winter In Ground Pool Cover - 30' x 50' Pool No Water Tubes
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    • 6’ overlap
    • Double stitched seams, cable loops and bindings
    • Tight weave 900 x 1200 denier weave construction
    • Elongated tape for maximum strength & long-lasting performance
    • Carbon black tape treated with a special U/V coating to withstand harsh weather conditions
    • Cover color is a soft blue to reduce heat build-up
    • Cover material treated with high pressure coating that reduces pin-holing, and eliminates peeling or transfer to deck or pool walls
    • No grommets to damage the Cover, pool wall or deck
    • Perimeters are triple-ply with tightly woven, coated reinforced binding


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