Algae Attack Pool Chemical Value Packs

Getting rid of algae is a laborious and time-consuming process, not to mention expensive with all the individual chemicals you have to buy to kill various types of algae. Poolcenter offers a perfect solution by putting together all the chemicals you need to get rid of algae and keep your pool clean in one convenient kit. Poolcenter's Algae Attack Packs are specifically formulated to help solve your unique algae problem, while saving you time and money. Poolcenter's Algae Attack pack takes the guess work out by including just the right combination and amounts of chemicals you need to clean your pool. Each kit treats up to 30,000 gallons of water and includes:

  • pH Reducer (6 lbs) –to help maintain your water's pH level between 6.8 - 7.0 - Y7100
  • Pool Shock (6 lbs) – to add a powerful pool shock to chlorinate your pool water and to help quickly kill the algae. - Y8005
  • Algaecide 60 Plus (1 qt) – Our specialized algaecide to kill the nutrients green algae needs to grow, and to help prevent future algae blooms. - Y1300
  • Super Clarifier (1 qt) –to clear cloudy or dull water after algae treatment has been completed. - Y2100
Green Algae Pack
Manuf#: Y7100-Y8005-Y1300-Y2100
Item#: Y1550
Yellow or Mustard Algae Pack
Manuf#: Y1555
Item#: Y1555
No Longer Available
Black Algae Pack
Manuf#: Y1560
Item#: Y1560
No Longer Available

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