Algaecide 50

Algaecide 50 is a powerful and concentrated formula that combats all types of algae that grow in swimming pools and spas. Whether you want to kill existing algae blooms or simply prevent future algae growth, Algaecide 50 is the swimming pool algaecide for you. This liquid algaecide contains no metals so it will not stain surfaces. It also leaves no residue and acts quickly to eradicate algae from your pool water.


  • Highly concentrated algaecide designed specifically to preventall types of algae.
  • Contains no metals so it will not stain pool surfaces.
  • Recommended for pools with high metal content (well water)
  • Great for all types of pools and you can swim 15 minutes aftertreatment.
  • Ammonia based
  • Follow instructions and dosing carefully, overuse can causefoaming and slippery walls/floors.
  • Do not mix with other chemicals.
  • Initial Dosage: 5.13 oz. per 10,000 gallons. Weekly Dosage:1.33 oz. per 10,000 gallons
    Algaecide 50 - 1 Quart Bottle
    $19.99 Qty.
    Algaecide 50 - 4 x 1 Quart Bottles (1 Gallon)
    $72.99 Qty.
    Algaecide 50 - 12 x 1 Quart Bottles (3 Gallons)
    $209.99 Qty.
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