Aqua Broom

Aqua Broom

Watertech Aqua Broom Handheld Pool And Spa Vacuum Parts

    No. Mfr. No. Item. No. Description Price Qty:
    1 BRHC ZWTC1074 Head Cover  More Info > $22.17
    2 BRAO ZWTE1003 Aqua Broom All Purpose Filter Bag  More Info > $18.30
    3 BRHD ZWTE1075 Power Head  More Info > $40.62
    4 BRBC ZWTE1006 Battery Chamber  More Info > $19.61
    5 BRPACL ZWTC1077 Pole Adapter Clip Long  More Info > $4.54
    6 BRPACS ZWTC1078 Pole Adapter Clip Short  More Info > $5.72
    7 BRPACF ZWTC1076 Pole Adapter Cuff  More Info > $5.85
    8 BRFM ZWTE1004 Aqua Broom Sand & Silt Filter Bag  More Info > $18.30
    9 PBW022MF ZWTE1002

    Reusable, made of special finely woven material to aid in thefiltering of fine particles in water. Easy to use! Just slip theMicro Filter INSIDE the Sand / Silt Filter and stretch it aroundthe filter flange.


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