Aqua Silk

Aqua Silk

Enjoy bacteria-free, healthy water without the harmful effects of harsh chlorine with the Aqua Silk System. The Aqua Silk System has been formulated to sanitize your pool water without having to adding chlorine thus eliminating itchy skin, red eyes, and strong odor.

Biguanide-based Aqua Silk System combines powerful sanitizer, oxidizer, and algaecide to immaculately sanitize your pool and leave your water crystal clear and silky smooth at all times.

Aqua Silk Chemical system is comparable to Baquacil®, Soft Swim® and Revacil® in its strength and effectiveness, and is available as:

Aqua Silk Value Pack 1: 1/2 gallon of sanitizer, 4 X 1 gallons of oxidizer, and 1 quart of algaecide

Aqua Silk Value pack 2: 1/2 gallon of sanitizer, 1 4X1 gallons of oxidizer, and 1 quart of algaecide, 2 pounds of granular filter cleaner, 1 quart of super floc, and a 25 count pack of test strips.

    Aqua Silk Sanitizer 1/2 gallon
    Manuf#: 49000A
    $34.99 Qty.
    Aqua Silk Oxidizer 4x1 gallon
    Manuf#: 49001A
    $84.99 Qty.
    Aqua Silk Algaecide 1 Quart
    Manuf#: 49002A
    $19.99 Qty.
    Aqua Silk Value Pack 1
    $129.99 Qty.
    Aqua Silk Value Pack 2
    $159.99 Qty.
    Cloud Out - 2 lb.
    Manuf#: CLOUD OUT 2LB.
    Item#: Y7620
    $29.99 Qty.



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    • Fast, effective chlorine-free sanitization
    • No side effects or nasty odors
    • Combines powerful sanitizer, oxidizer, and algaecide
    • Oxidizer contains 27% hydrogen peroxide
    • Dosage: 1 lb. /12,000 gallons

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