Aqua Splash Pro Top Mount 24" Sand Filter

Aqua Splash Pro Top Mount 24

Top quality components, high efficiency, and affordability are some of the basic features of the Aqua Splash Pro 24” Top-Mount Sand Filter.

The versatile Aqua Splash Pro 24” is designed to work with almost any pool or spa application and offers sparkling clear water combined with trouble-free pool maintenance.

The Aqua Splash Pro 24” boasts of heavy-duty corrosion-proof tank, lateral assembly, top mount 6-position multi-port valve, and slotted laterals for even filter and backwash cycles. The Aqua Splash Pro 24” offers ports with standard 1.5” thread and comes with a pressure gauge, sight glass, oversized drain plug, and filter stand.

Recommended media - 300 pounds of 20 Grade Silica Sand, 240 pounds of Filter Glass, or 150 pounds of Zeo Sand

AquaSplash Pro 24 Inch Top Mount Sand Filter With Valve
Manufacturer#: S244TNTS
Item#: E2270



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    • Heavy-duty corrosion proof tank
    • Smooth turning valve handle
    • 300 pounds sand capacity
    • 1.5” standard thread ports
    • Removable lateral assembly
    • 6 Positions: Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Recirculate, Waste, and Closed
    • Includes 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

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