Aquabot Junior Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot performance in a smaller package!

The self-contained Aquabot Junior robotic pool cleaner has an internal pump, drive, and filtration system directed by a microprocessor and patented direction turning flotation device that cleans most pool shapes, from floor to water line, up to a 40 feet in length. Rotating brushes scrub scum build up at the pool water line and breaks down debris that is then vacuumed up to ensure the healthiest swimming water possible in just 2 hours!  No hooking up to your pool plumbing, No booster pumps!

The benefits of the Aquabot Jr. Wall Scrubber robot don't stop at just cleaning! The vacuum jet mixes together cooler chemical-rich water from the bottom of your pool with the warmer chemical-depleted water at the top - improving the quality of the water and lessening the need for pool chemicals. It also acts as a secondary pool filter, cutting the hours you need to run the filter by up to 50% - taking a bite out of your electric bill.

Aquabot Junior Wall Scubbing Robotic Pool Cleaner
Manuf#: E1597
Item#: E1597
Aquabot Replacement Filter Bag - Fine
Manuf#: 8111
Item#: ZAQP0003

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  • A Robotic cleaner that's truly reliable & maintenance-free!
  • Internal filtration pump
  • 34 Quart Capacity Filter Bag
  • Computerized drive & filtration system
  • Patented directional technology
  • Effectively cleans pools to 40' long in two hours or less!
  • Comes with 50 ft. of cord
  • Includes a 1-Year Warranty

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Aquabot Junior Wall Scrubber Robotic Pool Cleaner - E1597
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